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Car Park Stencil Kit

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To compliment Signet's range of paints, car park stencil kits are also available to give professional and accurate instructions and marks around your business. Having a clearly marked carpark or site can assist with congestion and confusion for customers and staff. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the car park stencil kit to see if it may be suitable for you.

What type of marks are in Signet's car park stencil kit?

Signet's car park stencil kit has 11 stencils that can be used to mark out your business's carpark or site. These include the numbers 0-9, arrows heads, arrow stems, in, out, reserved, visitor, no parking and disabled markings.

Are the stencils suitable for multiple uses?

Our stencils are made out of water resistant oil board which allows them to be reused and are highly cost effective. The durable oil board maintains its integrity and shape during and post application so it can be reused for multiple markings.

Why do I need carpark markings and what are their use?

Marking carparks with the correct instructions will help to alleviate congestion and confusion for your customers and staff on where it is or isn't safe to enter a carpark or park vehicles. It is also a necessity for workplace health and safety to have the appropriate disabled carparks and other markings in place. An unorganised carpark can lead to drivers parking in unauthorised or incorrect areas and dramatically increase the likelihood of an incident.

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