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Cleaning and Janitorial products are an imperative part of a workplace as cleanliness and hygiene contribute to workplace health and safety. To make sure your site is clean, safe and welcoming this section offers a range of cleaning and janitorial products from trusted brands including Ajax, Chux, Deb, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly Clark, Kleenex, Oates, Septone, Tork and Whiteley Medical as well as Signet and Signet’s Own.

What range of hand towels do you have available? 
There are 4 main types of hand towels available in this section: optimum hand towels, compact hand towels, multi-fold hand towels and slimline hand towels.

There are 2 options for optimum hand towels: Kleenex optimum towels and Scott optimum towels. The Kleenex alternative soaks up water for effective hand drying, improved hygiene, less waste and a tidier washroom.  The Scott option offers both quality and value with a larger pack size to require fewer refills.

The 2 options for compact hand towels include: Signet’s Own compact hand towels and Kleenex compact hand towels. The Signet’s Own product dries hands quickly and efficiently with fast absorbency and a soft feel against the skin. The Kleenex alternative is economical due to its design – it dispenses a fully opened towel one sheet at a time to reduce excess use.

There is 1 option for a multi-fold hand towel: the Scott mutli-fold hand towel. It is a strong, absorbent and economical product.

The 2 slimline hand towel products include the Tork slimline towels and the Tork ultra-slim hand towels. Both are strong, absorbent and dispense unfolded to reduce waste. The difference lies in the how the towels are folded – the ultraslim towels are folded in a slimmer way which means the towels and dispenser are unobtrusive on the wall and ideal for smaller washrooms. 

There are also dispensers to suit these products as well as roll towels and centrefeed towels.

Do you stock toilet paper?
Yes. There are 12 types available to ensure there is something available for every kind of bathroom and dispenser. 

For the standard size roll there are 5 choices: Signet’s Own toilet tissue, Scott toilet tissue, Kleenex toilet tissue, Tork universal toilet tissue and Tork advanced toilet tissue. If you need interleave toilet tissue refills, then there is the Kleenex executive interleave toilet tissue.

Do you have any cloths or wipes for cleaning up?
Yes. Signet stocks Chux, Chux HD, Chux superwipes, general purpose wipes, Handi-clean towels, Kimberly-Clark isowipes and Wypall wipes. For industrial cleaning there are wiping rags; which is a 10kg bag of mixed cotton rags.

What kind of hand cleaners and soaps do you have?
As hand cleaning is such a vital part of cleanliness at any workplace Signet has a hand cleaner for all applications. This includes general purpose hand soaps, heavy duty cleaners, industrial cleaners and healthcare hand cleaners. These products include:  

The healthcare suited hand cleaners:  Avagard handwash and Microshield handwash.

What cleaning chemicals do you stock?
Signet stocks different types of cleaning chemicals for bathroom cleaning, floor cleaners, glass cleaners, hospital grade cleaners, industrial cleaners and kitchen cleaners.