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Pallet Cartons & Bins

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What are pallet cartons used for?

Coming in larger sizes than regular sized cardboard boxes, this product is ideal for warehouse and retail use to hold larger loads back-of-house and to transport bulk shipments safely.

What type's items can it hold?

Signet's Collapsible Pallet Bins are ideal for quickly and easily packaging bulk items. The sturdy walls also mean that the load is protected, with the capacity to hold up to 500 kilograms.

Is it durable during transit?

Pallet bins are a durable packaging solution due their triple wall, corrugated board construction. This provides essential protection when moving items from the warehouse to its destination. This special wall construction also means it can be stacked two bins high.

Are there any special features?

When not in use, these bins can be collapsed for easy storage, crucial in a warehouse or retail environment.

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