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Benefits of using Ceramic Blades: 

  • Made from 100% zirconium oxide
  • Non-corrosive, non-conductive, non-sparking & chemically inert
  • Heat-resistant up to 1600°C 
  • Stays sharp up to 10x longer vs. steel, meaning fewer blade changes
  • A safer cutting experience

Finger-friendly | Reduce accidental workplace lacerations

Effortlessly cuts through thick materials, including triple-walled corrugated cardboard, BUT safer to touch


Can be used in 1000's of applications in 100's of industries:

  • Cuts corrugated cardboard
  • Shrink wrapping, labels & soft plastics  
  • Laboratory & forensic applications  
  • Aids in delicate lab testing
  • High-wear, high-rust & combustible environments 


Slice blades vs. leading heavy duty metal utility blades last longer:

  • On average Slice ceramics last up to 10x longer than steel
  • Slice ceramics have safer initial sharpness and last much longer before dulling
  • Only diamonds are harder than Slice, as the blade is made from 100% zirconium oxide


Slice reduces costs & lowers injuries:

  • Metal cuts skin easily while Slice ceramic blades require much more piercing force before it will cut skin  
  • Fewer blade replacements = lower materials cost
  • Safer cutting angle = reduced risk of injuries
  • Ergonomic handles = less strain 

Ceramic Auto-Retract Utility Cutter

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