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Graduate Program - Signet Culture

Culture is important to Signet and a major influencer on how we recruit our graduates.

Signet is proud of the positive and fun culture we have developed with our employees. Although the jobs we do are serious and being professional is important, we try not to take ourselves too seriously at work. Based heavily on the FISH! Philosophy, Signet’s culture is all about fun, making their day, choosing your attitude and being there for each other. We regularly host morning teas, play games, run competitions and host events to keep our employees engaging with each other and our clients

Another part of Signet’s culture is Always. We believe in always striving to improve and always serving our customers to the best of our ability. The Always culture is strongly linked to our service charter and promise to our customers. It is also the attitude we take towards our business and our roles.

Buddy and Mentor System

When our graduates start with us, we assign them a buddy or mentor from the second year of the program to help them learn the ropes. The mentor is there to answer all of your questions, help check your work and get you up to speed with Signet’s culture. In the second year, graduates may get the opportunity to take on a leadership role and become a mentor too.

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