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Safety Signs

Signage Health Check

The implementation of Safety Signs is a vital part of keeping people safe on-site, by communicating general instructions, highlighting safety messages, and providing instructions for life-threatening situations. Safety Sign audits, or ‘health checks’, should be conducted regularly to ensure your signage is up to date and relevant.

  • Are any restricted access locations signed?

  • Is the first aid box signed?

  • Is the emergency shower and eye-wash area correctly signed?

  • Are there any confined spaces that require signage?

  • Are emergency assembly points identified with signage?

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  • Are all emergency exits signed?
  • Are there identified hazards that require appropriate signage?
  • Is any out of operation machinery clearly tagged?



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  • Is the firefighting equipment correctly identified and signed?
  • Does each fire extinguisher have a fire extinguisher sign?
  • If YES, is the sign 2 metres above the ground?
  • Is there a sign immediately above each extinguisher denoting the type of fires that the extinguisher can be safely used on?

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  • Is there signage outlining all your business’s PPE requirements?
  • Are there any damaged signs that need replacing?
  • Are signs in view of employees?
  • Do staff have easy access to the required PPE?
  • Are there any dangerous goods or hazardous substances in the area and are they clearly signed?

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