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Since 1968, manufacturing has always been at the heart of the Signet business. From manufacturing inks 50 years ago, Signet has expanded its production capabilities to include stretch films, shrink films, poly tubing, labels, marking paints, aerosols, and signs.

Being the manufacturer gives our customers numerous benefits including product development and innovation, cost savings, and product assurance. To further help meet the needs of our customers, our plastics manufacturing facility is HAACP accredited.

Our constant drive to improve our products and their application has led to several innovations. Product innovations include our Ultimate Stretch Film, as well as the Oneshot Ink System and our Field Marking Paint. Working closely with our clients in the field, Signet are continually transforming new and current products to better suit the needs of the market.

Manufacturing has been at the heart of the Signet business since 1968. From humble beginnings in ink, Signet has expanded into film, poly tubing, labels, marking paints, aerosols, and signs.

Signet's Ultimate Film

Signet’s Ultimate Film is a revolution in stretch film that provides an alternative to pre-stretched and conventional wraps. Using state of the art metallocene polyethylene (mPE) resin, the product can reduce film usage in excess of 20%. The film also offers numerous other benefits including increased safety and ease of handling due to the lighter roll, greater load integrity, sustainability and cost savings.