Pallet wrapping machines

Pallet wrapping machines improve productivity, decrease your consumption of consumables, improve the appearance of your goods, save on labour costs, and reduce risk of injury.

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Lower Costs

A machine can apply film with better tension, making it possible for you to use less film to get superior load containment.

Reduce Damages

A machine can wrap with more consistency from the top to the bottom and from the first to the last pallet. It has the ability to perform the repetitive tasks without compromising on quality.

Improve Productivity

By automating routine tasks, it frees up employees to focus on tasks that require critical thinking.

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  • A comprehensive range of pallet wrapping machinery.
  • A wide range of easy finance options.
  • Team with 50 years experience in each state to assess your needs.
  • Full warranty and service.

“Whether it be stretch film, steel strapping, or custom cartons, Signet helps us remain innovative, agile, and secure in our supply chain activities. We have been great partners for over 10 years, and we are looking forward to the next 10.”

Friction Brake, Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrappers

A stand alone pallet wrapper that is more cost effective than wrapping by hand. Has minimal footprint required.

Low cost entry level pallet wrapper designed for simple loads.

Power Pre-Stretch, Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrappers

A stand alone pallet wrapper designed to optimally stretch your film.

The effective stretching mechanism of this range is capable of stretching film up to 300% (1 metre stretches to 4 metres)

Fully Automatic Pallet Wrappers

Reduce labour costs and increase workplace efficiency with our range of automatic pallet wrapping machines.

Designed for higher volume applications which requires no operator intervention during the pallet wrapping cycle.

We have a wide variety of brands and models with unique features.Talk to us to find out which model would best suit your needs!

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Supercars Springs Manufacturer strengthens pallet stability by 90%

Signet's expertise helped King Springs achieve a 90% increase in pallet stability over 12 months with a tailored Tertiary Packaging solution.

Tertiary Packaging Optimisation

Our TPO program provides a structured improvement process that leverages our decades of knowledge and expertise in stretch film & wrapping.

Get More from Your Stretch Wrap Machinery

Five ways to cut your film consumption and get the most from your stretch wrapping without impacting load containment.

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