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Signet's Set & Forget Ordering


Signet's Set and Forget ordering system is an easy way to get your regular order at the set frequency of your choice.

How to set up 'Set & Forget' orders

Setting up Set & Forget orders is easy. Simply head to your 'My Account' area to get started and create your first automated order now.

If you'd like some information on the steps to set it up, have a look at our reference guide here.

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Additional Information:

A Set & Forget order is a repeated order of set items and quantities, automatically despatched at a chosen frequency. If you regularly place orders for the same items (for example, you may buy cartons and packing tape every two months), you can set up a standing order to have this generated and despatched automatically. You'll only need to do anything if you need to make changes – otherwise we'll do the rest.

Set & Forget orders must be placed through Signet.net.au.

To begin, head to your "My Account" page. On the menu to the left, select "Set & Forget / Automate my order".

To create a new standing order, select the "New Order" button.

First, set the Purchase Order Number for the series, order frequency, and the date you want the first order despatched.

At this stage you'll need to confirm that all Set & Forget Order terms are understood. Just check the box to confirm that you've read and understand the terms & conditions, and that you're happy to set up the order, and you're ready to go.

Once details are complete, select "Add Items to Order".

Next, simply add the items and quantities to your order. Once it's right, just hit the "Create Order" button and you're done! You can modify the order further from here, but to save any changes to the order, you'll need to hit the "Save" again.

To modify an existing Set & Forget order, simply return to the main "Set & Forget Orders" page, and select the "Order Reference" of the standing order you'd like to change. To add, remove, or change items or quantities, simply do so at the bottom of the page. Once you've made the changes, just hit the "Save Changes" button to confirm.

To edit other order details, such as the delivery address, or primary contact for the order, use the "Update My Details" section, located on the left of the "My Account" page.

A starting date for the orders must be specified when the Set & Forget order is initially set up. This date must allow at least 3 business days for fulfillment of the first order. Please note some items may have longer lead times- see "Lead times" below.

A frequency for the order must also be specified. This will determine how often we send your order. You may choose weekly, monthly, or another frequency that suits your needs. We'll send an email reminder 3 business days before the order is due at the selected frequency.

Items are subject to normal lead times- if an item is out of stock at time of order, there may be delays in order fulfillment. Externally sourced products, such as large bubble wrap rolls, are also subject to their normal lead times when setting up a Set & Forget order. For these items, the 3 day lead time may not be sufficient- please be aware of this when setting up the order.

Set & Forget order products, unless directly specified by Signet, are based on current YBG or website pricing.

Items in the Set & Forget orders must still match sale quantities. This means if an item is normally sold in a bundle quantity of 25, this will still apply to all standing orders. The minimum order amount of $50 ex-GST must also still be met.

Delivery charges apply as per usual- to qualify for free shipping, orders must be over $100 ex-GST and customers must be in metro areas, as designated by our freight companies. All orders for non-metro areas, and under $100 ex-GST, will have freight charges applied as normal.

Standard advertised catalogue items are included – Custom and Buy to Demand items are excluded unless otherwise agreed with Signet in writing.

Large bubblewrap products are available only to designated metro areas, as with usual orders. Any order for outside metro areas containing these products will be unable to be fulfilled.

If there are any issues with an item on your order, a customer service representative will call you.

Set & Forget orders will use the same Purchase Order number for the entire series. This just needs to be entered once when the order is set up, and all repeats will use the same number. This can still be any number or code you choose, as with any order. Please make sure your ordering allows for the Set & Forget Orders to use one Purchase Order number for the entire series.

Once your Set & Forget order is set up, it's already confirmed and approved- there's no need to do anything unless changes have to be made. We'll send an email to the Primary Contact on your customer account 3 business days before the order is scheduled for despatch. If any changes need to be made to the order (any additions, changes to items, or changes to quantities), they must be completed no later than one day before the order is set to despatch. Any changes to order details, such as an address change, or a change to the primary contact, must also be advised – if no changes are made, we will automatically ship your order to the address on your account.