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Benefits of getting your wrap right

green tickReduced film cost per pallet

green tickLess film per pallet reduces waste and environmental impact

green tickEfficient wrapping processes – no stoppages, breakages or punctures

green tickDecreased supply chain costs by eliminating rejected, non-conforming shipments

green tickYour shipment arrives at it destination in its ‘as-packed’ state

If all films look the same, how do I know which is best for me?

Over the last decade technology advancements in both resin and extrusion capabilities, has resulted in next-generation, high performance films with greater strength, stretch, and puncture resistance to ensure safe load containment. 

As these advanced properties cannot be determined by simply looking at a roll of stretch film. Selecting the right wrap should start within your warehouse environment, take into consideration your load and processes, before systematically testing and trailing the wrap to determine the right film for you.

Factors to consider:

Type of machine being used, or if applying the film by hand, then the experience of the team

Types of loads being wrapped

Load stability

Distance travelled during transit

Modes of transport

What Signet can do for you?

Through systematic testing, objective analysis, and validated results, Signet can help you reduce waste, increase wrapping efficiency, and ensure you are equipped with quality materials to get your goods to their destination damage free. Signet offer a comprehensive range of analysis techniques.

  • Cut & Weigh Testing: a comprehensive test to calculate and compare the true cost of film to wrap a pallet.
  • Test Cube: Signet’s transportable testing device, designed to digitally measure and record pallet load integrity for your application.The Test Cube measures load distribution, holding force and puncture resistance, providing a platform for standardised film analysis.
  • Signet’s Test Laboratory: Our Load Containment testing facility enables testing a load in a current state and compare it to a future state which meets National Transport Commission (NTC) Load Restraint Guidelines.
  • Access to an international, state-of–the-art, dynamic testing facility and advisory firm, specialising in load safety through innovative testing, analysis and optimisation.
  • Development of best practice wrapping standards for your load profiles and training for your teams.

Signet’s Continuous Improvement Programs

The choice of film is only one factor Signet's Accredited Lean Practitioners consider when they oversee a program to optimise your Tertiary Packaging Processes. Programs includes a walk of your site to identify improvement opportunities, a planning session with your team to determine priorities before developing an agreed plan of action. Our experts analyse your machinery, materials, processes and the work environment and work with you to optimise your stretch film processes for safe and cost-effective load containment.

Signet’s structured process improvement projects have delivered significant cost savings for Australia’s largest retailers and logistics operators.

The hidden costs of poor load containment

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Get more from your stretch wrap machinery

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Advanced film properties

Advancements in stretch film manufacturing technology are resulting in films that are stronger at lighter gauges, meaning less film used per pallet.

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