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Meeraboo cande being lit

Signet helps luxury Aussie candle makers Meeraboo increase efficiency by 50% and reduce damages in transit by 38%.

By switching to Signet’s eco-friendly protective packaging, Meeraboo has achieved a 38% reduction in damages during transit, a 50% increase in efficiency and an enhanced unboxing experience. 

Inspired by the scents of simple and beautiful things, family-owned Aussie candle company, Meeraboo, was founded in their family home in regional New South Wales.  Striving to give their customers the whole sensory experience from the opening of the box to the last burn of the wick, the mother-daughter team turned their cozy kitchen candle-making hobby into a thriving business that now graces the shelves of over 150 retail stores across Australia. 

With their customer base growing, they were conscious of the amount of plastic being sent with their orders and wanted to find a way to provide their customers with a beautiful eco-friendly unboxing experience.  

Meeraboo candle on trayMeeraboo candle on tray

For their previous solution, Meeraboo relied on bubble wrap to protect their products in transit. However, they found this solution to be very time consuming and lacked sturdiness, which led to damages in transit and was not feasible to continue. 

“We were previously purchasing individual packaging from the store as needed. Although as our business grew, this was costing us a lot of time and we needed to find a more efficient solution.” – Dannielle Maere, Owner 

In search of a way to reduce their plastic packaging and save time, Meeraboo found Signet’s eco-friendly eCommerce range online. Stocking eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic packaging, Meeraboo found everything they needed to wrap, pack and ship their products from one supplier. Additionally, by utilising Signet’s price breaks on bulk quantities, they experienced additional cost and time savings for their business. 

Today, each Meeraboo candle is wrapped in Geami Honeycomb Paper and packed into a Signet Heavy Duty Carton which is lined with White Tissue Paper. Kraft Paper is then packed around the product to fill any empty voids within the carton and they finally seal it off with Signet’s Heavy Duty Tape

Geami Honeycomb Wrap is a 100% recyclable alternative to plastic bubble wrap made from recyclable and renewable FSC paper and can be easily reused after delivery. Shipping Cartons are made using 100% recyclable materials to create strong and durable cardboard. Signet’s acid-free Tissue Paper comes in a selection of colours to add an extra touch to your in-the-box packaging or be interweaved between products.

Dani packing orders in Signet's packagingDani packing orders in Signet's packaging

“The environment is a huge factor in our packaging decisions, we try to use as little plastic as possible, so we have really leant into the using eco-friendly products such as cardboard and Ranpak Geami.” 

By turning to Signet for their packaging needs, Meeraboo has been able to integrate environmentally conscious practices into their packaging process and has created a more streamlined packaging process.  

“Since choosing Signet’s eco-friendly packaging range, we have had a 50% increase in packing efficiency for our warehouse staff and have seen damages in transit reduced by 38%.” 

Meeraboo orders being packed in Signet packagingMeeraboo orders being packed in Signet packaging

To learn more about Signet’s range of Eco-friendly Protective Packaging, reach out to our team on 13 7446, email, Live Chat with us at or submit an enquiry below. 

Signet is proud to support Meeraboo, and over 60,000 other Aussie ventures.  

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