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Minimise product damage with Lantech machinery solutions

Did you know that on average, big businesses, such as Coke and Pepsi, have ½% of their goods arrive at point of sale damaged?

Pallet wrapping and carton sealing & erecting machinery are vital parts of every warehouse and critical stages of the packaging process. Stretch film, or tertiary packaging, is your goods last defence against transportation damage, which includes product damage – something no business can afford when customers' delivery expectations are on the rise.

Lantech – A trusted name in warehouse machinery

As an industry leader, Lantech has been creating and innovating warehouse machinery since 1972. In fact, without Lantech, pallet wrapping machines would not exist. As the creators of the first ever pallet wrapping machine, they have grown to also become the world's largest manufacturer of pallet wrapping machinery.

As customers' expectations of the perfect purchasing experience rise and failures at any stage of that experience are becoming more and more harmful to businesses, Lantech and Signet are here to help reduce the risks through cost effective, efficient and safe machinery solutions.

Fewer damaged goods = less costs

Failed loads and defective unit loads are two issues that can stem from a poorly wrapped pallet. Failed loads refer to the lack of containment force, which is what holds your load together.

If your pallet is not securely wrapped and doesn't have the correct amount of containment force, there is an increased risk of the pallet wrap restretching and your products moving during transportation. This could create additional costs to replace and return the damaged products.

Improved stretch film efficiency

Stretch film breakages are one of the biggest contributors to warehouse inefficiency. When the film breaks, operators may reduce the amount of tension, which can use more pallet wrap than required to achieve the same results. Without the correct amount of tension, the pallet will be poorly wrapped, have less containment force and an increased risk of damage.

Damage can be detrimental not only to your product, but to your brand. Choosing the right warehouse machinery solution is crucial in reducing the risks associated with transportation. With a wealth of knowledge and years of experience creating pallet wrapping and carton erecting & sealing machines, Lantech is a trusted partner, getting pallets to their end destination safely.

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